Dearest Valued Client

Warranties and Claims

  1. Please ensure you keep the following very important documents:
    1. Tax Invoice
    2. Signed Floors Direct Terms & Conditions
    3. Signed Customer Satisfaction Sheet (Floors Direct Installed Flooring) in order to make any claims on product/installation guarantees and warrantees.
  2. The moisture reading of the sub floor must be less than 12% for guarantees to be valid. Any problems causing excess moisture content must be resolved prior to installation to Floors Direct Standards.
  3. The cost to prepare the sub floor (screeding) MUST accompany this quote and the client must be made aware that there may be additional screed and installation of screed costs should the sub floor be uneven.
  4. Should sub floor be uneven and client refuses to screed, then guarantees on product and fitting could be voided if problems arise due to the floor being uneven. A Installation Warranty Waiver must be signed with copies held by customer and Floors Direct.
  5. For ANY guarantees to be honoured, our valued clients MUST please fill in the Floors Direct Customer Satisfaction and Terms and Conditions sheet from our Installer once the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

General Trading Terms and Conditions

  1. Our quotation is based on supplied measurements and needs to be confirmed on-site prior to installation.
  2. All our quotations include a wastage factor of at least 10% of the total installation depending on the shape and size of the room.
  3. The sub floor (surface upon which the product is to be installed) must be made level to Floors Direct standards.
  4. For the purpose of the quotation we assume that the sub floor is in good condition and is suitable.
  5. The condition of the sub floor (if carpeted) can only be checked once the carpet has been removed by the installers on the day of the installation. It is the client’s responsibility to take due care and ensure that he/she is satisfied that the floor is level.
  6. Before our team arrives, all valuables, breakable items, remote controls and electrical items such as TV’s, music centres, computers etc. should be removed from the work area – Floors Direct takes no responsibility for valuables in the client’s house. Please exercise due care with your possessions.
  7. Our installation team will move furniture as required for the installation to proceed. Whilst every care will be taken, we do not cover accidental damage caused during installation.
  8. The installation team will require a 220-volt power supply for the purpose of the installation.
  9. Check with your complex if delivery is allowed on a weekend, as many complexes do not allow delivery on weekends. Please ensure our teams can gain entrance to your complex and that security is aware of our team on site.
  10. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that you have been quoted the correct amount as per the estimated/measured bill of quantities, any extra material required on-site to complete the installation is for the client’s account and is payable before delivery.  Any extra material required will be discussed before-hand and agreed upon with you. Please check your quote carefully as only material and services quoted for will be supplied.
  11. Any full boxes of flooring and unused, uncut, undamaged profiles may be returned to the store by the client for a full refund within 14 days of completed Floors Direct installation / within 14 days of client purchasing product for DIY installation. We do suggest that you keep at least one box of flooring in case of accidents. Please note all refund requests go to head office and take 7-14 days to pay out. Damaged boxes/product will not be refunded.
  12. Our installation includes moving furniture, removing carpets, removing unwanted skirting and profiles, removing the waste from site.
  13. Our installation (unless quoted for specifically) does not include moving electrical equipment, removing and cutting doors, levelling or screeding of sub floors, removing tiles, parquet or Marley type flooring. All stores do however offer these services – please enquire for pricing should you require these services.
  14. Please note any materials such as Carpets, which are specifically cut to customer’s measurements are not returnable to the manufacturer, therefore Floors Direct will not refund a client where product has been cut to specific measurements. Please exercise due care and diligence when approving measurements.
  15. Your flooring needs to acclimatise for 48 hours in the designated room before fitting.

Payment in full is required before we release the goods or begin installation. For your convenience we include our banking details on your quotation. Please reference your payment with your quotation number, then contact your Floors Direct salesperson and confirm that you are ready for installation / receive your goods.

Thank you again for doing business with Floors Direct.
All Floors Direct staff are highly trained and are extremely knowledgeable and friendly – do not hesitate to contact them with any questions or queries, they will be more than happy to assist you!